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The Brand


Skall studio is a Scandinavian fashion brand established in 2013 by the siblings Julie and Marie Skall. With strong roots from the Northern part of Denmark, the family name Skall reflects a very personal, unique and timeless fashion brand.



With its strong Nordic roots, Skall studio is a contemporary fashion brand uniting the art of simplicity and functionality. The essence of the brand is classic, chic and effortless, and the designs are built from minimal and clean-lined aesthetics. Each garment is well-fitted, easy to wear and made of high quality, which meets the demands of a modern wardrobe.



“Well made workmanship that last the test of time

and high quality fabrics that age with beauty.”



The concept is to build a perfect wardrobe with garments for every occasion. A classic wardrobe not influenced by fashion trends, but with timeless and accessible pieces that will endure across seasons, from one collection to another.